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Victoria Marie Barquin is a Chicago-based artist, printmaker, and arts administrator. In 2016, she received a BFA in Printmaking from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Upon graduation, she moved to Chicago where she currently facilitates print collaborations and art exhibitions in addition to her own studio work. Her favorite colors are pastel blue and pink. Her favorite drawing tool is the computer.



Nicole Del Rio is a female artist who lives in Chicago, IL and works with a variety of mediums: rug making, comics, drawing, ceramics, and painting. She uses bright colors, repetitive patterns, and organic shapes to emphasize her unique characters, her main subject matter within her imagery. Whether her characters are figurative or anthropomorphized animals, they are both extensions of the artist's personality.



Ben Jundanian creates intricate drawings using only a marker. He is an illustrator based out of Boston, Massachusetts. A graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and Design’s Printmaking program, he has created original artworks for clients including CTI Youth Services, MACOM Technology Solutions, Uber Corporate, Sasaki Architects, Superb Bicycle, Backlash Brewing, among others.



Wen Yu is a multi-media artist. Graduated from Boston University in 2017, Wen has been creating research-based projects that integrate art, technology, story-telling, and tangible materials. Wen has exhibited in Boston, San Francisco and Taiwan including de Young Museum, San Francisco; Asian Art Museum, San Francisco; Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco Art Institute, Lens Gallery, Boston; Boston University; MIT.



Allison also holds a BFA from Cooper Union College, and loves to combine music and art for students in multi-media projects such as “Night at the Ballet” chamber music, art, and dance workshop; Chamber Music and Puppetry: Pirates; Virtual Chamber Music Story Telling; and the "PlayTogether Go" chamber music/game design project, hosted at WSM and supported by the Wayland Cultural Council/Mass Cultural Council.



Elena Kalkova is a multimedia Russian artist and researcher of Eastern European Art History, living and working in NYC, US. Her works include drawings, collages, installations, textiles, working with archives. Elena holds an MA in Global Arts and Cultures from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). She is currently working on her MFA at the School Of Visual Arts (SVA).



Sarah Elliott currently lives in New Hampshire having recently received her MFA in Painting at Boston University. Before moving to the States, she worked for many years in Castelnau de Montmiral in S. W. France. Although she is an American born in Chicago, most of her life has been spent outside of the United States, in Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Mainland China and France. In addition to time spent painting and drawing, Sarah has dedicated many years to teaching art at positions in Hong Kong, Florence and Shanghai. She has exhibited her artwork in the United States, Italy and France.

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Portuguese pianist Inês Andrade is an avid and versatile soloist and chamber musician. She has performed across Europe and the United States in spaces such as Carnegie Hall’s Weill Recital Hall (USA), Centro Cultural de Belém (Portugal), Teatro Comunale Luigi Russolo (Italy), and Centre Le Phénix (Switzerland). Recently, she was a guest artist at Bay Chamber Concerts, Boston Portuguese Festival, Boston Conservatory New Music Festival, Classical at the Cabot, and CAC Tejo's Autumn Festival.

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