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We are seeking innovative artists who enjoy sharing their talents to lead our online class for children. There are two age groups, 5-7 years old and 7-11 years old. 

Our class is neither the traditional "follow my steps" nor babysitting art classes. We hope the candidates can help students find their sparks in creating art, like how you feel towards art. We hope your passion and expertise could inspire and motivate students to discover joys in art. 

The teaching artists will be responsible for delivering a short lecture, demonstration, 1-to-1 guidance, question answering, and class management in each class. Since it is a small class, the instructor must pay equal and constant attention to each kid and guide them individually.

Our class offers an open, healthy, encouraging, and judge-free atmosphere. Students and teachers build a close relationship during class time, and most of the time, teaching feels like drawing with friends.

Pi art has developed our curriculum and teaching materials. The instructors could use them as a basic frame to teach. However, we are open to new curriculum ideas, especially for painting, drawing, 3D art, animation( e.g. stop motion), etc. Feel free to throw your ideas to us.


  1. It is very important to tell us what you are good at. We want to make the teaching experience rewarding and strengthen your art practice rather than separation.

  2. Bachelor's degree required, Masters degree preferred (concentration in Visual Arts, animation, 3-D Art, art education, etc.). It would be great if you have several years of art practice.

  3. Professional, kind, and patient. We respect every kid, but we don't need to act cute. Just be yourself

  4. Excellent problem-solving skills, ability to deal with the unexpected with a smile, a positive and helpful attitude

  5. Good eyes and taste in art and have a well-rounded knowledge of the world

  6. Familiar with the Zoom platform and good internet connectivity

  7. Able to explain complicated things in a clear, concise, and simple way. A sense of humor is welcomed

  8. 1-3 years of experience required. Previous online teaching experience preferred

  9. Willing to assist in marketing and have excellent communication skills


Please send the following materials to

  1. Resume

  2. Website or Portfolio

  3. A description of yourself (your path to becoming an artist and your strengths)

Pi Art provides equal-opportunity employer and actively seeks diverse applicants.

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